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The Linda DiNucci Scholarship fund has now been established in memory of Linda DiNucci. Linda was passionate about helping stroke and brain injured survivors live their best possible lives, and in 1989 Linda co-founded the REACH Program. REACH was conceived to provide a bridge forward from outpatient rehabilitation to full reintegration into the community. Since 1992, Linda ran the program and taught the speech classes.

While at REACH, Linda financially contributed to help REACH students who otherwise could not afford to participate in the program. This scholarship program memorializes Linda and her passion and dedication to REACH, and allows students the opportunity to participate in the REACH program. Linda’s passion was to serve the community of stroke survivors. Linda passed away in February 2019.

The Linda DiNucci scholarship fund is a partial scholarship for REACH students enrolled in the REACH program. The sole purpose of the scholarship is to cover a portion of a  student’s tuition at REACH The money will be awarded to students who demonstrate a financial need. The intention is to enable a stroke and brain injured survivor, who has the drive and is assessed by the REACH staff as likely to benefit from the program, to attend regardless of their financial situation. The number of recipients and amount granted to each recipient may differ from session to session based upon the number of students in need and the amount of donations and contributions allocated to the scholarship fund at that time.

If you are a current REACH student or know a potential REACH student who may be in need of scholarship funds please contact the REACH program at or call 650/690-5615 for additional information.

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