The Rehabilitation Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center


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751 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 751 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, USA
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​​The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's (SCVMC) Rehabilitation Research Center (RRC) is dedicated to improving patient care by investigating innovative treatments, identifying and promoting factors associated with prevention and resilience, and understanding the continuum of care from acute care through community reintegration.

The RRC supports Federally and Commercially Sponsored research as well as unfunded SCVMC investigator-initiated studies. For a full list of active studies, please visit the Research Projects tab.

Additionally, the RRC continues to contribute to the field of Rehabilitation Science by publishing open-access (free to download) scientific articles that help promote evidence-based treatments for individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, and Stroke. Please find all the RRC’s publications listed on the Research Publications tab with links to directly view the articles. 

RRC Updates and Upcoming Events

Peer Support Event:

Recent Conference Presentations:

Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (ASCIP) Annual Meeting (September 2023)

American Spinal Injury Association Scientific Meeting (April 2023)

American Spinal Cord Injury Professionals Annual Meeting (September 2023)

Oral presentation on Optimizing Telenutrition Counseling for Persons with Chronic Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury using Relevant Baseline Data.

Course presentations on Telehealth for individuals with SCI, including information from the ongoing telepsychology and telenutrition studies will be presented.

American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (October 2023)

Poster Presentation on Mental Health Resource Utilization in Individuals with Acute Traumatic and Nontraumatic Spinal Cord Injury with Mild or Moderate Depressive Symptoms.

Google Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (9 total ratings)

Alyssa Holladay
1 Star
Since February 2022 i have been dealing with health complications that have been making me lose strength and function in my legs. Mid December 2022 i lost my ability to stand completely and went into the hospital for about a week. From there i was referred to Santa Clara. I was told by the hospital that referred me that they would help me walk again. It took me too long to realize they were just preparing me to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair, only doing the bare minimum of exercises to "keep me mobile" and practicing using a slide board so I can get in and out of my wheelchair WITHOUT STANDING. They wouldn't even help me try to practice standing up. The daily gym sessions were spent doing only arm machines. They didn't even have any leg machines. I spent 3 weeks getting even weaker than I was when i got there, despite doing hours of "physical therapy" everyday. By the time I realized what they were doing, it was too late and now I can barely even move my legs at all. They totally sabotaged me; now I don't know if i will ever walk again. "Acute physical therapy rehab"? They should have just called it what it is, "wheelchair training camp". The only thing they helped with was finally healing a bed sore that I've been going to a wound care clinic for since the beginning of the pandemic. Do not come here unless you're ok with possibly never walking again.
Thursday 26th January 2023
Lauren Luk
5 Star
So incredibly thankful for this amazing rehabilitation center for my dad. After two strokes, complications and a brief stay at another rehab center, I was blown away and grateful for the staff and the care he is now receiving here. After everything we’ve been through, it’s indescribable how fortunate we feel to find a place that truly and holistically cares about his rehabilitation. The facility itself is unmatchable and state of the art, and every single therapist, nurse and doctor have treated him with the upmost care and attention, we finally feel hope for him and I will always be thankful he was able to get in here.
Thursday 6th October 2022
Silke Thiess
1 Star
Before my husband came to the Santa Clara Valley Rehab Center after a serious accident (SCI), we had heard only good things about this facility. In short, it was a huge mistake to go there. 1. The therapists spent 6 hours adjusting my husband's wheelchair, but did not perform important daily exercises with him, although this is essential for his healing process. 2. A wheelchair was ordered for my husband that was too small. After 2 months we still haven't got a suitable one. 3. We asked for a blood thinner when my husband was released to prevent blood clots at home (he got blood thinner at SCVMC!) We were told he wouldn't need them. After only a week at home, my husband was brought back to the hospital (this time a different one!) with a DVT and multiple pulmonary embolisms and had to undergo surgery to safe his life. Now he gets blood thinners ... 4. The quality of the food is very bad. I general hospital food is not the best, but this food was most of the time just awful! Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - Rehab: A waste of valuable time that my husband could have used so much better in a different rebab center!
Tuesday 1st December 2020
Lily Casillas
1 Star
Front desk had an attitude telling me which entrance to go into the rehab when it's optional the underground garage or 1st floor. Then says need to be check with a blue pass 1st floor temperature check, lastly document to sign off really. Her reply was well this is what you get off her starting the job. Her customer service is bad and needs to be friendly.
Thursday 21st July 2022
Noor Ghani
5 Star
New facility with awesome equipment and staff that know what they are doing. Plus it got named the best rehab unit in California so that says it all!
Monday 9th August 2021