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Windsor Country Drive Care Center


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Website | (510) 792-4242
2500 Country Dr, Fremont, CA 94536, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 2500 Country Dr, Fremont, CA 94536, USA
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Windsor Country Drive Care Center embodies the commitment to superior care and overall patient welfare as demonstrated by our highly-rated Medicare facility. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding expectations, while adhering to regulations and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment, solidifies our ranking within the healthcare realm.

Google Rating: 2.2 out of 5 stars (52 total ratings)

Ms. Neena
1 Star
If I could give this place a negative fifty million... It would be top of the list! The intentional neglect my family member has recieved is a understatement. The floor staff lacks cultural humility and compentence. Their lack of customer service is horrible. Their response to patients needs is over 50 minutes (I timed it). Although their Admin team has been responsive, I do not want my loved one to be there. To watch them pass my love one to administer other patient's medicine and bypass my loved one and move on to the next room is upsetting.
Thursday 25th April 2024
Nada Gugssa
5 Star
The care I received at this facility was WONDERFUL!!!!! Every CNA I had was super attentive to my needs, assisted me whether it was to the bathroom or the dining hall shower time and bed time especially. Ms. Veronica, Xiomara, Marjinda, Stella, Mary, Belle, and Ms. Yan just to name a few. These wonderful ladies helped me through some really rough days and sometimes nights. Speaking of which I cannot forget my favorite male CNA’s as well; Franklin, Juan, Raidan and two more young men whose names I cannot remember for the life of me. They know who they are and how important they were and are to me. The staff over all was great from activities coordinator, Ms. Leilani, Erika, and Natalie. These ladies provided me with books to read, games, movie nights with that delicious popcorn lol . To social services department ; Eduardo and Dulce who always checked in with me to see how things were going and if I needed assistance with my insurance, transportation, or anything else that came to mind. Last but not least.. SHOUT OUT TO PT AND OT!!!!!!!!!! Govin, Nab, Eric, Donna.. I honestly would not be where I am now without them. They taught me in two weeks how to transfer properly, pivoot, use a wheelchair and a walker .. and when my insurance wouldn’t cover a wheelchair and a walker for me to discharge with Govin with no hesitation offered to let me borrow one until my family could get one for me. The kindness, respect, and care that everyone showed me I will never forget!! OMG shout out to the kitchen staff and the dietitian who always looked for feed back and took it seriously.. thank you all so so very much!! I’m not saying it’s the place for everyone.. but it was just right for me!! Love you Ms. Juana and Mary who were kind to me and showed me love everyday they were at work.. I will never forget either of you!!!
Monday 13th May 2024
Mellina Marie
1 Star
I went here to visit a family friend. When I walked in, the receptionist told me and my mom that only one visitor was allowed at a time. I had to wait by the front. When we left, the receptionist kept looking at us up and down with an attitude. She was not very friendly. So I looked back at her and said yes? I don’t know why someone with a staring problem works at the front desk. If she hates people she should find a different job. She can learn to say goodbye and have a nice day, which should be done in the first place. The tvs in the rooms still do not work and they don’t know when they will be. It’s been almost a week now.
Thursday 28th December 2023
Angeleina Casas
1 Star
I would not recommend this place to anyone the neglect from the staff is beyond me unfortunately this is the only place that accepts my grandpas insurance so we had no choice but the conditions he was left in when we discharged him was very upsetting and this isn’t the first time they asked us a week ago to write his name on all his clothes so we did but they some how managed to dress him in someone else’s clothes they sent him to dialysis with pants that where falling to his knees they where too big his shirt was too big it was dirty and had stains all over it he wasn’t even wearing shoes on top of that previously my grandma found another patient wearing my grandpas clothes and we had suspected they weren’t even bathing him regularly like they said they would another thing that bothered us is when we would go visit my grandpa patients would be sitting on there beds with no clothes on just a hospital gown exposed and when we would tell a nurse they would just say “oh we know” that’s a little uncomfortable and unsanitary for both the patient and visitors but wait it gets better they even lost my grandpas brand new pair of seeing glasses that my grandma paid out of pocket for I’m filled with anger to know this is how my grandpa was being taken care of and I feel more sad for others who have loved ones there windsor please do better train your staff to have more compassion I know this a tough job but this is not how you handle the elderly
Friday 10th May 2024
John Bain
1 Star
Horrible care at this place. My mother was sent here for care. My father visits daily and he's furious with how they're neglecting his wife. The staff doesn't thoroughly clean their patients diaper mess. My mother has an infection on her bottom that isn't being treated properly after diaper change. She's been in there a whole week and they still haven't bathed her. We told the head staff that if they continue this unsatisfactory treatment, that we will take her out of there immediately. Seriously, 4 hours, 2 call lights and they still didn't show up to change her diaper. It took my father to finally get someone to come change her. Another issue with this place is they put 3 patients per room with no room for visitor's to sit. Her first day there she arrived before noon and told her she wouldn't get dinner nor lunch. They didn't offer her anything. We had to bring her food so she could have something to eat. I've read the reviews of this place and some are 2-5 years old and you'd think they'd fix these issues. I highly recommend not sending your loved one's here for any type of care. We are working to have her moved to a different care facility.
Saturday 24th June 2023